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Parents Who Stay At Home: Do They Need Life Insurance?

Parents Who Stay At Home: Do They Need Life Insurance?

Parents Who Stay At Home: Do They Need Life Insurance?

Let’s discuss the need for life insurance for stay-at-home parents, the size of the policy, and what families should do with the payout in the event of the unthinkable. 

Parents who stay at home: Do They Need Life Insurance? 

Do They Need Life Insurance
Do They Need Life Insurance

A stay-at-home parent’s life insurance policy gives the funds required to pay for all the jobs the SAHP held before to their death, rather than replacing their income. 

We are aware that a parent cannot ever be replaced. That gap will never be filled. However, the surviving spouse can hire someone to handle many of the duties that the SAHP used to handle using the money from a life insurance settlement.

Maintaining your family under the worst of circumstances is important. Although there will never be a return to normality, you can ensure that no one’s needs are overlooked by hiring someone to help fill in the gaps (at least temporarily). That’s the important part, right? 

When, then, should a stay-at-home parent

You don’t need it quite yet if you just graduated from college and don’t have any debt. But if you’re married and want to have children, it’s a good idea to buy a policy right away. 

No matter how long that child takes to arrive, you will be protected. After all, they frequently arrive earlier than you’d expect and according to their own schedule.

How much life insurance do parents who stay at home need? 

The main concern is how much term life insurance you ought to get for the parent who stays at home. There is no universal solution to this because every family is unique, but as a general rule, a 15 to 20-year policy between $250,000 to 400,000 is appropriate. There will be no need for coverage once the kids have grown up and left the house. Check out our term life calculator to see how much coverage you require. 

The three main areas you must consider are childcare, education, and household responsibilities. Your decision may result in a larger insurance to meet the additional expenses.

Additional Considerations for Life Insurance 

A life insurance payout will not only give the surviving parent the money to pay for child care, but it can also aid with funeral bills. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral with burial is $7,848. Costs for the cemetery, the monument, or the marker are not included. Additionally, there can still be unpaid medical bills or other costs that need to be paid. 

According to Stephen F. Lovell, president of Lovell Wealth Management, the stay-at-home parent might want a life insurance policy to leave a legacy for the kids in addition to serving as a financial safety net. You can leave an inheritance to your kids by placing life insurance in a trust for them.

Having life insurance in case of a divorce is beneficial, even though it isn’t the main reason individuals purchase coverage. No of your motivation for purchasing coverage, it is preferable to do so when you are still young and healthy because you may be eligible for a reduced rate, according to Lovell. If a divorce occurs later, any parent who doesn’t have insurance may have trouble finding reasonably priced coverage at that time—or even getting coverage if they’ve developed health problems.

Purchasing Life Insurance 

The best option is to engage with an independent insurance broker who can compare policies from different insurance providers and obtain rates for you. If you’d rather do it yourself, compare policies to find the best deal. 

Purchase life insurance
Purchase life insurance
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During the application process, you will be required to submit a lot of personal data so that insurers can determine your rate. 

If your spouse has life insurance, your lack of income shouldn’t prevent you from getting coverage. If you’re seeking to get an insurance but your income-earning spouse doesn’t have one or isn’t simultaneously looking for coverage, you’ll have issues.

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